Upside Down

We are getting the water damage on our living room ceiling fixed. Now everything that was in there is now stuffed somewhere else, creating a state of pure chaos in our house. I don’t bode well with chaos. We don’t play well together and right now I am close to the edge! It is hard for me to allow things to be left in a state of disorder and it’s even harder when I know there is nothing I can do about it. Ok, so what can I do about this? I’m going to say it again for my benefit; what can I do about it? What are my options? I could dwell on it and allow it to dig deeper into my mind and release more and more anxiety; I could attempt to organize things and become angry and frustrated with it as there is no room to organize. I could accept it for what it is and come to terms with the fact that it will remain this way for a few days. I can see that option number three is the most rational and healthy one, but it goes against everything I have become wired to do. It doesn’t matter which choice I make, there will be friction inside of me. I know what the right decision is and I know what the rational decision is and I am going to commit to making it. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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