It is the first day of the STAT program. I’m here an hour early and am quite anxious. I know it is going to help. I know it, but that doesn’t take away my fear of talking about personal things in a large group in a small room. Breathe, Ryan, breathe. I don’t know who will be in there and I know I will be forced to speak numerous times. It is going to be helpful. I have to keep my mind on that; it is going to be helpful. I walked here in an hour; last time it almost took two. I guess I’m in a little bit better shape. That’s a plus! I am tired now, but in a good way.

I think I will write some new acoustic songs and record them. I have neglected my acoustic over the last couple of months and I have a h2 zoom recorder to make the recordings. Maybe if I have something out there people will want me to play more. I’m terrible at self-promotion. I think I can do this.>



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