My band Standoff has it’s first show this Saturday. I’m getting nervous about it now. It’s the first band that I’ve sung for (I have sung as an acoustic set) and I’m struggling with the idea of keeping the crowd into it. I’m not a whitty guy, so the banter between songs will be a challenge. This whole experience is bringing back many fond memories of past bands and it is pretty fun to remember. Tour, fights, knives, big crowds, small crowds, people singing along; so many great memories. I have played with most of my favourite bands and met many great people along the way and I hope that this new band will bring on the same. I have mentioned time and again that music is one of the most effective therapies. When I play I come out feeling at least a little better. I have another opportunity coming up to play some acoustic songs for the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg’s 95th Anniversary. If I am chosen, it would be a pretty good way of getting my name out there and maybe more would come of it. Things seem to be picking up music-wise and it couldn’t be happening at a better time! Hopefully I can get it to the point where I can help out with the bills with my music rather then with a part-time job. We’ll see.

The water pump went on my Impala. It’s in the shop today to be fixed and I will get to say good-bye to a chunk of change that we hadn’t planned for. Luckily it happened when we received our tax return and can afford it. Cars stress me out. I’d rather not drive at all, but in today’s world it’s difficult to get around it. I need to get my bike tuned up and ride that more often now. It’s a great idea. I just need to move over that hump of car-reliance and into the realm of bike-reliance. Are there any bike commuters out there? What tips would you have for a former avid mountain-biker?

Walk this way!


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