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I need solitude sometimes. By sometimes, I mean a lot of the time. Things get overwhelming sometimes and I need to escape away with my records or into the woods somewhere. I realize that it can make me seem rude or distant, but it has been a strategy that has helped time and again. In this world of mental illness anything that works is usually a good thing. Usually. I try to limit this time to the morning before anyone wakes up so that it doesn’t place an unfair burden on my wife, but depression and anxiety run on their own time and it’s never when it is convenient. To those who have noticed that I sometimes disappear to a quiet corner, it is not because I’m mad or offended, it is just that my senses are overwhelmed and I need to gain my bearings again. It is a little selfish on my part and believe me, at the time it is all I think about, but it is a reality in my life and I’m working on it. Just like aways; working at it.

The end to my time with Patene is fast approaching. I am looking for part time work to help with the bills as this writing thing has yet to make me a dime. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t even know how to make money from this! It’s been a while since I’ve worked evenings and weekends, so if I find something it will be a big adjustment. Here’s to a better future!


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