A life spent condemning is meaningless. A compassionate life is time well spent. That was droning over and over in my head as I walked from place to place yesterday. I’m not sure of the implications or if I maybe heard or read it someplace before, but there it is for you to read and draw your own conclusions. I think I will take it a step further and state that, possibly more importantly, showing compassion to those who wish to harm you is by far the most selfless and powerful form of love. We live in a culture where we “look out for number one” at all costs. Sure there is a place for making sure that we respect our own needs and exercise our rights as an individual, but we are not the centre of the universe and we are no more important than the next guy/gal. We spend most of our lives competing against other people like ourselves; for jobs, for lovers, for attention; but we rarely step back to see the bigger picture of humanity. What is the consequence of our relentless pursuit of “happiness” (money) and how could we change to create an environment where we all come up on top together. Here is where everyone calls me a communist and maybe there are parts of that ideology that I agree with, but this isn’t a political system I am wanting to change, it’s a change inside ourselves. We need to be aware of the people around us and aware of the needs of the community at large. We need to place a lower priority on material possessions and a higher priority on relationship and compassion. We’ve all heard the pressure to “boost the economy” by buying more stuff, but all that is doing is pushing us further down the road of debt. We spend our lives paying back banks who profit handsomely while not returning the favour (no trickle down from the big guys). I don’t want to rant about the banks and the super-rich right now, so I’ll end that right now.

I think my point is pretty clear, though. Be good to each other and everything else will follow. Once we change our priorities from material wealth to the people around us, life can become far less stressful. Why work constantly to afford the car you need to drive to work, when you could work within walking distance at a job you may enjoy more? Money may be a necessity, but the pursuit of excess is not and will always leave you wanting. We call people who amass piles of things in their houses hoarders, so why not those who hoard far more money than they need? Just a question for you to ponder today.




One thought on “Condemned

  1. I agree, hatred reaps hatred. And we only poison ourselves on the inside. It is something, I admit, that I have to work on. It is always hard to love the unlovable, but it can be done. And it benefits us greater than we can imagine. And, yes, the soul is much more valuable than the clothes we put over it. 🙂

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