The Archer

Ava didn’t pass her level 2 archery on Saturday. She didn’t take it so well at first. She had done well for so long, but her sight fell off the day of her testing and we couldn’t adjust it to where it was before in time. It is one of those times where the equipment had a big impact on the outcome. She was very upset as she is a perfectionist and a worrier like me. I told her a story from my youth when I played high school volleyball. In grade 10 I made the high school team with my dad as my coach. I rode the hard pine that whole season even though I worked my ass off in practice to get some playing time. I was disappointed in myself at the end of the season, but instead of giving up on myself, I tried out the very next season. I worked twice as hard and I didn’t sit on the bench once that season. After the season was over, I asked my dad why he hadn’t let me play the year before and he told me that I needed to earn my playing time and the first season was a test of my resolve that I passed with flying colours. I left that conversation with an inflated sense of accomplishment and a valuable lesson learned.

Ava seemed to liven up after that and vowed to try again and practice more. Those teachable moments with your kids are priceless and I try not to let them disappear. I told her that she didn’t need to be too ashamed to talk about her worrying and that asking someone to help her was a sign of strength, not weakness. I hope she heeds the advise before I did.



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