What A Day

It’s been a little bit of a stressful day today. My dog, Gypsy decided to live up to her name and become a drifter this morning. I was worried sick about her all morning. I received a call from Animal Services at about 10:30 letting me know she’s been found! Four and a half hours in the cold and she was still was happy as ever. She’s a great companion and has helped calm me on many occasions. They say pets are a great form of therapy and I would have to concur with that assessment. My dogs especially. The cats could care less about me most of the time, but the dogs are always there to comfort me.

It is friday today, marking 3 weeks until my last day of full time work here. Wow. My replacement is learning quickly and I have less and less to do during the day. I’m excited about this new direction out of “settling” and into realizing a greater potential. You are who you think you are. Someone told me that the other day and it has had me thinking ever since. Who do I think I am? If I’m honest here, I would say that I am a loser and a liar. I am a failure and a low life. Before you berate me, that is what my mind tells me about me. Who do I want to be? I think that is the real question that needs answering. I want to be a great father, a great teacher, a continual learner, a musician, a great husband, a great son and a hobby farmer. I don’t ask too much of myself! Now to train my brain to think the same. No I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.



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