I’m pretty excited about this STAT program. Life could change dramatically for me and I’m all for it. So far with the preliminary appointments I have found their way of attacking mental health to be proactive and novel. Less emphasis on medication and more on being aware of the moments you are living in. It is something that I have always preached, but never figured out how to do it. I find a lot of my life passes me by because I am either too anxious about the future or too depressed about the past and rarely ever am living life as it is happening. Writing it out like this makes it quite obvious what I need to do, but I get stuck on how to implement these ideas. That is what this program will teach me; in a very in depth way. That is why I say it could be life altering. If I learn to accept the moment as it is, then there will be little to be anxious about and little to be depressed about. Pretty damn simple. I have been attempting to train myself in preparation, but to little success. I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot in this post. Sorry.

So, lets move along this post a little. I’ve been training my replacement over the last week or so and it is going relatively well. I’m happy with his progress (even if he thinks he’s not progressing), but now I’m finding that I need to find other things to do to allow him to learn some things on his own. It’s good practice for my future profession.



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