Is There an End in Sight?

I am really down this morning. No reason for it that I can think of. This is where depression is at it’s worst. It doesn’t ask for a reason to pull you down and it sticks around for whatever length of time it feels like. I hate these days and the frustration surfaces like a whale, spewing anger into the sky as it does. I try to get the positive thoughts to overwhelm the negative, but the difficulty level is quite high. I try to keep my head above water, but the undertow is too strong. I think the worst part is, as I told a friend of mine, that depression makes us feel as though you aren’t worth expressing how you feel. It’s tiring and my head is hurting more than usual. I know that I’m complaining a lot today, but it is how I’m feeling today and you get to hear about it.

Feel free to berate me in the comments if you need to. It is just one of those days. I’m going to work on it. Have a good day.



3 thoughts on “Is There an End in Sight?

  1. i think its more as okey to complain, if you have the feeling it helps you, just do it. I know days like this and best is just to take them as they come and try to do something good for yourself. Try to pamper yourself, treat yourself to something and you might feel a bit happier after:) hang in there mate and be good to yourself today and always xo

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