Spring Forward

I hate daylight savings. more specifically, I hate “Spring Forward”. Losing an hour messes up my sleeping patterns and causes me to get up too late. Waking up at 7:30 instead of 6:30 heightens my anxiety and can make me grumpy. I’m sitting in the sun room with my dogs and attempting to write something. I’m a little off today because of the loss of the hour so I’m having some problems putting thoughts together. At least I have my coffee.

I’ve been struggling a lot with what my core beliefs are. Not just with what they are as it pertains to myself, but what they are as applied to life in general. It seems that many things I believed when I was younger were wrong and I am having a hard time with it. I knew eventually I would be wrestling with these things and I knew that it would be hard, but that knowledge has not made any of it any easier. There are somethings that can only be ignored for a short period of time, especially when there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against it. No one ever said that any of this would be easy.



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