Internets King

Five hours of recording and a very cold day later and we have four songs done. It was a far more enjoyable experience than I remember it being, but we weren’t looking for perfection this time around. It’s pretty cool. This was the first time I have recorded vocals on my own and I have to admit I was incredibly anxious about it. I needed to sit alone for a good 20 minutes staring at my lyrics to try to prepare for it. I’m used to “singing” with a guitar attached to me so standing in front of a mic with no band physically playing around me was quite intimidating. I really put those breathing and stretching techniques into practice to pull it off. The biggest source of anxiety other than my undying drive for perfection was what the HELL I was going to do with my hands! I had heard about this problem from other people who have been in the studio far more than I have, but thought it was a little bit of an exaggeration. No, Sir, it was not. In the end, that was really the only uncomfortable thing about the experience and I managed to do all four songs in one take each. Not bad for a rookie, though I must remind you that we weren’t looking for complete perfection. Now that I have copies I find that I am listening to them and picking out all my errors or things that I could have done better, which was the point of these recordings, but I am being more analytical than I need be. It’s hard for me to simply enjoy something I helped create. I’m told that is the mark of a true artists, but I say it’s the mark of a perfectionist who is far from perfect.

There is a month left of full-time work for me here at Patene Building Supplies. I am pretty excited about this STAT program and am hoping beyond hope that it will change the way I look at life and help me cope better than I do now. I have a busy month ahead of me as I train someone new and show others how to do certain aspects of my job. It’ll be good practice for when I become a teacher! I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be attending university in a few months and have a mix of emotions when I think of it. The Anxiety Disorder in me is terrified of the huge change in lifestyle and is worried about the financial aspects, while the intellect in me (whose size could be debatable depending on who you talk to) is over-the-top excited at the opportunity to learn. I have been doing a course on Political Philosophy on iTunes U to get myself in the swing of things to hopefully make the transition to studying a little easier. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy learning; even if it is just for the sake of knowing more and gaining a broader perspective on things from everyday life to the current events that effect the world. “The more you know…”



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