Mumbles and Grumbles and That Thing.

I felt like writing more, but wasn’t feeling particularly creative so I thought I’d just ramble for a bit for your enjoyment. I find that I put myself down. A lot. I’m afraid to take a compliment, but quick to take criticism to heart. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was being raised to be a humble person and me taking it far too literally. I do that. You can be humble and confident at the same time, but I can’t seem to make that idea stick in my mind. Being humble does not mean you need to put yourself down or avoid compliments or credit for things that you have done. I’m damn good at saying these things here, but pretty terrible at applying it in my life. My hatred of cliché aside, it’s a “do as I say, not as I do” situation here. How can we say we are being humble if we are knocking down the action itself? If the action was worthless to begin with, what is there to be humble about? I wish I’d listen to myself sometimes, there are snippets of wisdom in the words that I write here.

How do I change and how do I learn to be truly humble? That is the “million dollar question” (Yes, another cliché. I am cringing too) and unfortunately I do not have the full answer as of yet. It’s a process of unlearning everything that I have accepted as how to be “humble” (put downs, shifting responsibility, etc) and begin to learn the right way. Simple! I’m cured! Oh wait, that is far more difficult than I thought. Where do I begin and what is the correct way to receive a compliment? I really don’t know. Let me know how you handle being complimented? Is it embarrassing, uplifting, or a messy, awkward situation that you would rather avoid?



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