There is a very tense state of affairs in the world today. Look to the Ukraine or Venezuela and you can see examples, but you need not look further than Canada or the USA to see the polarization that has taken place in the past few years. I know there are many powers at work here and we seem to have all fallen back on ideology rather than rationality to dictate the direction we will go. Here in Canada our government has made it impossible for scientists to share data and ideas because it may damage the further development of the oil industry and there is a bill on the table that will strip Elections Canada of its ability to investigate election fraud and make it more difficult for the poor and elderly to vote. I know there are similar issues south of us in the USA and it has given my paranoia sufficient fuel to come up with possible scenarios of repression and a shift further from democracy than we already are. I have been watching the unrest in the Ukraine and wondering if we are not far from it here if these electoral changes happen and another majority government is formed with far less than 50% of the vote. I know I’m getting a little more political than usual, but I care about this stuff and the direction we are headed is not one of hope and prosperity for all. When ideology trumps real, scientific data there is no stopping the damage that will follow. Ideology, like opinions, are allowed to change as new data is available. If you are in a place of influence and still refuse to continue to learn and adapt your world view as new breakthroughs and information become available, then you are destined to cause unspeakable damage to those you have power over.

I’m going to stop my angry rant before it derails any further. I have always been very passionate about these topics and can get quite upset when people base policy on ideology alone, especially a backwards, fact less one. I won’t apologize for being passionate, but sometimes I can come undone and allow my anger and paranoia to take control and that’s when my arguments become muddy and useless. I have been called extreme, a hopeless bleeding heart, a “pinko”, and my personal favourite: a worthless do-gooder. Name calling aside, if your world view is that of money over all, than I can say that we won’t get along.



3 thoughts on “Unrest

  1. LOL, I was called a “pinko” recently (people still say that?) by some mouth-frother who seemed to think “communist” and “socialist” are interchangeable and could provide no concrete argument to substantiate her claim that America is becoming “a socialist state”. So the end result is I think getting called a “pinko” is high comedy. 🙂

  2. Anecdotes aside, by all means talk of the situations in Venezuela (how I shuddered when I first heard Jesse Jackson of all people after Chavez’s death saying we could “guide them toward democracy”), the Ukraine, Canada, America…I suspect it may have more to do with mental health blogging than one would think at first glance…

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