One of the strategies the STAT program teaches is mindfulness. I would have laughed at the idea 10 years ago, but having learned so much more about my mental illness it sounds like it is something that could work. I had only a brief encounter with it yesterday, but the Coles Notes version is this: you learn to experience the moment as it happens; acknowledge your suffering, accept it and move on. Like I said, I haven’t delved into it quite yet, but am a little optimistic about this. It will be harder than CBT, but could bring better results.

Suffering makes us stronger. So why are we not all superheroes? We touched on this briefly as it seems to be a common theme. Like all one line bits of wisdom. There is far more to it than that. It isn’t the suffering that makes us stronger, it is whether or not we can accept the pain, the hurt and sadness as being there and living in spite of it. Say, “I accept” and move on and see the joy hidden in that moment. Seems so simple, right? I have my work cut out for me. I don’t know the whole process, but getting into this program could be a life changer.



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