2nd Generation

I am a second generation Canadian. My parents were born here (barely), but my grandparents are immigrants. This could be a reason why I get so annoyed with the anti-immigration attitude that seems so prevailant amoung so many people here. I began writing about this in yesterday’s post and have been mulling it over ever since. I think the attitude that immigrants are lazy and are only coming here to live off our healthcare and wellfare systems is disgusting and insulting. I don’t need to look much further than my Grandparents to hear tales of the hardships they faced in their homeland to the sacrifices they made to come here with nothing and the hard work it was to make a new start in a new country. I wish these people would take a moment and talk to these so-called “lazy immigrants” and understand the circumstances they left behind and the new hardships they face while trying to make a new life in a strange country.

My relatives talk quite openly about the struggles they faced during WWII in Germany and Russia. Tales of lice, hiding in old barns, sneaking on trains and being shot at by Nazi’s seem so normal to them; to the point that they sometimes laugh at some of the strange circumstances they found themselves in. I come from a long line of Mennonite’s and in that era they were being persecuted by both the Nazi’s and the Communists, mainly for their strong belief in Pacifism among others. I have been given books to read on the subject of their escape from Europe to Paraguay during the war and I can’t help but respect them for what they have endured and the hard work they have done to bounce back and become relatively prosperous in the end. I know that even while enduring the ravages of mental illness I could never understand the terrors that they have experiences and lived through. They never complain about any of that and are deeply thankful to this country for allowing them in. I hear these tales and can’t help but become angry with the people who feel these hard working people are somehow drains on society.

You’re ignorance is no ones responsibility but your own. Basing your opinion on baseless lies is like building a boat out of stones. It is easy enough to befriend and talk to people who have immigrated to our country and see just how much they love to be here and the debt they feel they owe Canada for allowing them to escape the attrocities they witnessed in their country of origin. Yes there are those who do cheat the system, but you can say that about any system in any country about any of the people (citizen or not) and these people represent a mere drop in the ocean of good people looking for a better life. It’s not rocket science.


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