If You’re Not With Us, You Stand With The Enemy

In this “post 9-11” world we seem to hear this idea more and more. With governments around the globe spying on their own citizens it seems that they are all taking a page out of Hitler’s book and try to play on the fear of being labeled an enemy of the state. I’m a worrier; we established that long ago, and I refuse to fall for this garbage that our governments feed us. Recently the Conservative government here in Canada tried to pass an internet spying bill that would have given the RCMP sweeping powers over our internet browsing history under the guise of anti-child porn. I’m not going to get into the aspects of the bill since the backlash was so severe that they took it off the table and the MP who championed the bill (which he later admitted to not understanding the legal implications) has since resigned. What I will talk about is his tactic to try and gain support for the law. He stood up in the House and said, “If you are not with us, you stand with the child pornographers!” Or something to that effect. I know I wouldn’t want to be seen as supporting child porn, but the tactic was insulting and people weren’t having it.

I’m not going to get into my politics at this time, but I would like to talk about the roll fear plays when people try to manipulate. I think we’ve all witnessed this method of manipulation, you just need to go back to childhood and the “Stop that right now or you’ll be sorry” threat that I’m sure every parent has used at least once. It seems that we invest time into learning how we can use mental health to get the outcome we want, but we don’t seem interested in discovering ways in which to help increase the quality of life for those who suffer from mental illness. I don’t think I’m alone in the opinion that humans will invest millions to translate important scientific breakthroughs into weapons before using it to help make the world a better more peaceful place. It is embarrassing really. We view our species as far superior to any other species on earth, yet we tend to be the most heartless (in general). I know that this is a rather pessimistic view, but it seems to ring true.



2 thoughts on “If You’re Not With Us, You Stand With The Enemy

  1. I was so glad that you wrote this. Bravo!! It is very well written and thought out. I have been telling my friends how concerned I am that the teens of today do not know how important it is to have privacy. I believe this is due to Facebook and other sites like it. They post everything they are doing. With a cell phone people can be tracked which is why I still have my land line. I loved this!

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