Skills to Pay The Bills

We seem to be in a constant state of being broke. As you all know it is hard to get ahead in this world of consumerism and high gas prices. It doesn’t help that I get paid far below market value and have three kids who still need child care. I’m not complaining or crying for sympathy, just stating what everyone has to deal with and admitting that it is tough. I have always tried to keep from getting sucked into the consumer mentality, but like everyone else, sometimes I want things I don’t need. For me it’s music (records, guitars, etc) and electronics. I also have a soft spot for old books.


Yup. I love how they look and like to make up tales about their history and the people who owned them before me. I know it’s a little strange, but I enjoy daydreaming. I do need to heed my own advice and start living a far more simple life and stop relying on convenience to get me through the day. I have a small obsession with the whole tiny house trend and hope to one day live without relying on “the grid” to keep me powered. It is a little bit of an idealist approach, but reading about the many people who do it and manage to live quite comfortably keeps my hope alive. We rent a house right now and it is quite expensive. In a city with a vacancy rate of 1% it is difficult to find affordable rent, especially when you have pets. The house itself is nice and it isn’t huge at 950 square feet and I can’t imagine myself ever living in anything bigger than this. I think the part about the culture we live in that bugs me the worst is how it becomes necessary to work almost constantly to be able to afford all the “stuff” we feel we need. Suddenly we are missing out on life, we put our kids in child care so we can make more money and we miss out on their most important years. We fill our lives with so much stress and become too busy to really sit back and see all that we are missing out on. We are too busy to see the beauty around us. I am a strong believer that the huge numbers of us that suffer from mental illness have become this way partially because life has become about working and money and the pressure has beaten us down. I need to live a more simple life.



3 thoughts on “Skills to Pay The Bills

  1. I agree!!! Sometimes I feel like all my stuff is just a huge waste of money. Like you I love books and go to many places to find them. I like their feel and smell and love to reread them.

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