Move Over Winter, It’s Time To Dance!

I had a bad panic attack last night over something so completely ludicrous that even I’m embarrassed to talk about it! We have three kids split between two rooms and both rooms have bunk beds in them. Usually the girls share a room and Corban gets his own. Last night Rhaya, the youngest, wanted to sleep in Corban’s room because she was scared and wanted to be with her older brother. He was not impressed with this and decided that he would use her bed. That was far too much of a change for me; I literally lost my mind! The house was spinning and collapsing in on me and it seemed as though explosions were going off in my ears. Me being a grown man, I did the most rational thing and RAN FULL SPEED THROUGH THE HOUSE SCREAMING! Yes, it is true. I couldn’t deal with that small little change; it seemed like my whole life was in danger and I reacted in the most irrational way possible. It could be that the return of the bitter cold has me more high strung than usual or maybe I’m just that neurotic.

I normally love winter, but this year it has seemed unbearable for some reason. It has been bitterly cold (even for Winnipeg) and I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear if I will be going to school in the fall so my patience has not been up to par. I know these are things that are beyond my control and therefore are not things I should spend too much time on, but that is one of those “easier said than done” type situations. Now if one of you wonderful people would offer to pay me handsomely for writing this blog, some of my stress would be gone! Anyone? No? Damn it.



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