What a Way to Start a Stress Test Day

My card got stuck in the debit machine this morning. That’s the way to start the day! Doesn’t help that I am not allowed to have caffeine today and I am grouchy. I have a stress test this afternoon so coffee is out until after that. I have some fresh beans waiting for me at home for when I’m done. I can’t wait. This cold doesn’t seem to want to leave so I hope they don’t work me too hard on the treadmill today. I did play hockey again on Wednesday and managed to keep up and wasn’t too tired at the end so maybe that’s a sign this is clearing up. I’m not that worried about my stress test, but it’s never fun having people watch me do things, especially when I have electrodes attached to me. All in all, I don’t know how I’ll make it until 3 or 4 with no coffee. I am literally day dreaming about the cup that will touch these lips after all the business at the hospital. I think I may have a caffeine problem.



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