My status finally changed on the University of Winnipeg WebAdviser site a week ago. Waitlisted. Yes, waitlisted. I guess that’s a step forward, but now I’ll be stuck in academic purgatory for I don’t know how long. That may be what is the most stressful; I am not in control! I can’t plan my next few months on a “waitlisted” status can I? I’m not sure what I expected from this whole process, but I have made it far more stressful than it needs to be. The number one thing that I need to do is realize that this is now completely out of my control. Easy! I thought about adding some audio to that part so you could hear my sarcasm and laughter. I guess the sub-step in there is finding ways to convince myself to let this happen as it happens and not get worked up and stressed about it. I asked my Anger Management coach how I should go about this because the stress was effecting me far more than I care to admit. I guess it comes down to thought capture. I need to recognize when I begin obsessing about it and rationally explain to myself why my worry won’t change anything and I should forget about it for now. I am told eventually it will become second nature if I keep up practicing. I guess time will tell. For now, I’ll keep talking to myself and hope I don’t get caught.

On an aside and more positive front, my band now has a name and a Facebook page. Everyone knows that nothing is official until it’s on Facebook. Our core membership consists of guys with emotional/mood issues so we went with the fitting name of PANIC ATTACK! I’m excited for this project as it is a style of music that has meant a lot to me and the guys I’m playing with are humble and great musicians (you’d be surprised how hard it is to find someone with both those traits). This is an outlet that I need and I plan on utilizing it and maybe people will start throwing money at us too. Ha!



5 thoughts on “Waitlisted.

  1. Letting go of our “worries” are harder for us. I can only say what helped me was meditating. I bought a tape in the 80’s to learn how and, I can say now I do not worry now. It takes work. But I was about 35 years old then. Also, I say a prayer for it and then let God handle it.

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