Masking tape. Or just Masks.

Us mental illness sufferers are very good at putting on a mask or two or three. I don’t know about you, but I have different masks for different situations. I have my work mask, my guitar teacher mask, my brothers/parents mask, my home mask and whatever other mask that needs to be worn. I know how frustrating this can be, but it is how I can make it through the day. Can you imagine what it would do to sales if I acted completely miserable at work; talking about suicide and pain, and sat around staring blankly? It has gotten easier with time and maybe it will change my brain and make me actually happy. Ok, probably not.

Don’t hate me for being fake. You would hate me for allowing my true feelings show. I can guarantee that. I don’t know about you, but this mask wearing does get exhausting and that is when my temper becomes short and my perpetual sadness comes screaming out for all to see. I’m unsure whether this coping mechanism is more helpful or hurtful and I invite your insight on this one.

Blenderhead – Cesspool seems to sum up a usual day in my head.



2 thoughts on “Masking tape. Or just Masks.

  1. I think a good number of us wear different masks depending on circumstance or who we’re around. I do. It does get very tiresome though. It would be wonderful if we could just be who we are all the time, no matter where we are. Some can and seemingly do it well. Others, like me, are too concerned about how people will respond to or perceive the ‘real’ us. So unfortunately, I can’t give any advice or insight on how to easily remove masks, because this is something that I struggle with as well.

    As far as no one wanting to know your true feelings, I think that goes for many of us. It’s a very good thing that we are not capable of reading minds. It would be a much scarier world if we could.

  2. Hey Ryan I know what you mean about the mask thing. I don’t have to do it often but when I do it feels horrible. Like your mind is giving your face and body 2 different messages at once and your forced to counter the stronger message and broadcast the weaker one. It can sort of feel like your being torn in 2 emotionally.

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