Sick and Tired of being a Sick and Tired

I have to make some big decisions. I have been unhappy for far too long and have been perpetuating that unhappiness for far too long. Suffering from Depression and Anxiety makes this new venture a rather difficult one. If you have been reading this blog for a while you have probably drawn the conclusion that my job makes me very unhappy. So I guess the thing to do here is to a) find a way to be happy at my job, or b) find a new job. Both are very difficult things to do. Maybe I should start be speaking to my boss about how to better manage the huge workload I deal with so I don’t feel so overwhelmed all of the time, or just learn that stupid “no” word I keep getting told about. I realize that a lot of my unhappiness is due to my complete lack of confidence in my abilities. At my job I feel so afraid of being found to be a fraud that I can’t say no to anyone and if I look for a new job I feel chronically under qualified for everything. I don’t mean this as a “woe is me” post, but rather a “thinking out loud and inviting input” type post. The fact is I’m unhappy where I am and I don’t have a clue what job would keep me generally happy. What sorts of things help you get through your day? If you love your job, what makes it a great job? I’m curious as to how the rest of the working world survives without losing their mind, especially those who suffer with mental illness.

I don’t want to be miserable, in spite of what you have heard. I really am stuck on this one. I need the money, but is it worth the money if it is going to cause this much anger and misery. It could be that I am the problem and I need to suck it up and just put my head down and keep on keeping on. I know there may be people reading this who I work with and it could end bad for me, but I need some input. Thank you my faithful readers and any new ones!



7 thoughts on “Sick and Tired of being a Sick and Tired

  1. The hard truth is, no job is perfect. However, there are jobs that can give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I believe it’s all a matter of finding a job that you enjoy. A job that fits into what you love to do. Whether that be dealing with people face to face, assisting others in some form, music, sports, writing, etc. There are jobs out there to fit any person’s passion, whatever it may be. In the meantime, perhaps a change of perspective may help. As my brother said recently about himself, “From now on, I am going to go to work each day knowing that there is a purpose for me being there.” Maybe you’re not there for you. Maybe you’re there for someone else…at least for a time.

  2. I can’t say it better than mewhoami. Do what you love! on top of that list…perhaps working with animals? And totally agree that there is a purpose for you wherever you are…sometimes it’s for you, most times it’s for someone else.

    Don’t worry about feeling inadequate – everyone has some aspect of faking it until we make it!
    I think you should talk to your boss about your concerns (huge workload/feeling inadequate or unqualified). Perhaps there is someone there who has some experience that has learned some “easy button” tips that they can share. Perhaps your boss needs to hire someone else to help you out…if you don’t mention anything, it could be that the job really IS too large for someone, but no one will know unless you say something or leave….and then they’ll get it (but wish you would have said something).

    But yes, learning the “no” word is essential to maintaining sanity. Sometimes life is a series of lessons that seem to cycle repetitively until we get it right – maybe the lesson of learning “no” or designating/only taking on what you can handle is one of those cycles that has you in spin cycle until you can figure it out.

    Just some thoughts. It’s dangerous to say that you want input! You may get more than you’ve bargained for.

    • Thanks! It’s easy for me to get lost in myself instead of seeing the big picture. I did talk with my boss and I think I can make it work here. With this band I’m starting, I think I will have what I thought I was missing at work. Just need a good outlet. Thanks again!

  3. When I am stuck, I always ask myself this:
    What other people do to succeed where I feel stuck?
    What do they think? What do they believe?
    At one point I was feeling that none of what I was doing worked. I was going deeper into anger. By asking these questions (the TONY ROBBINS questions!) I realized that my problem was the way I talked to myself. I was always leaning toward defeat, believing that whatever I do, it will not work…I decided to change the inner tape.
    I started to say out loud and internally:
    “I succeed, I am blessed, Everything I touch multiplied, etc”
    It did not take long before I saw actual change in my environment. People were coming to me, my project were succeeding, I found solution where before I could only see overwhelming problem.
    It is like I was seeing things that I could not see before.

    Look at what you are saying to yourself. What is the story you are telling yourself in order to feel like you do. What do you believe about yourself? What do you put after:
    “I am…” OR “I am not…”
    “I can…” OR ” I cannot…”

    Beliefs are the blue print of your life. If your actual beliefs don’t work, pick some other that will fit you better.

    That is what I did and continue to do, and gosh it works.

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