The Times, They Are A Changin’!

I’ve noticed that this has started to focus merely on the negative feelings and thoughts without offering any sort of coping mechanisms. I didn’t start this to be a pity party or to create an excuse for my failures. I set out to show the world the face of mental illness and to give those who suffer a sort of inspiration to know that we can beat it and live life. I fear that it has become a self serving, misery wallowing monster. Please forgive me. I know that I am sad a lot and anxious a lot, but I’m not helping anyone if I’m not offering something that can help me and others cope.My psychiatrist always told me that mental illness is an incredibly selfish illness and I didn’t realize what that meant until my beautiful wife pointed it out.

Please call me out if I let this thing get away from me again. You are reading this because you get something out of it and I hope I can offer something that will help all of you become better people. Help me help you, or whatever that saying is.


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